Revised and extended article on Wicked Problems and GMA

For those who might be interested, a revised and extended version of “Wicked Problems: Structuring Social Messes with Morphological Analysis” is available for download at AMG:

Go to:

The extended text mainly concerns how GMA stacks up against some of Rittel and Webber’s criteria concerning “wicked problems”, plus a short lament over how this “term d’art” is being abused by quick-fix consultants, and turned into a media buzzword.




Video presentation of General Morphological Analysis applied to “Wicked Problems”:
GMA in Madrid

On March 11th, SweMorph gave a presentation of GMA at Escuela de Organización Industrial in Madrid. The 50 minute video is available here:

Note: the first 2 (introductory) minutes are in Spanish, the rest is in English.

First AMG research articles posted

The first two research articles are now posted at Acta Morphologica Generalis (AMG), the On-line Research Journal of the Swedish Morphological Society.

Vol. 1  No. 1  “A Morphology of Modelling Methods: contributioon to a General theory of Modelling” (PDF)

Vol. 2  No. 2  “On The Formal Properties of Morphological Models” (PDF)

Tom Ritchey