Four Models about Decision Support Modelling

For those who are interested in the wider (social as well as operational) aspects of Decision Support Modelling, the following article is now online at AMG:
“Four Models about Decision Support Modelling”, Acta Morph Gen, Vol. 3 No. 1. (2014).

Available for download in PDF format at: Abstract. Models and modelling methods play an essential role in Operational Research and Management Science (OR/MS). This article presents four models which concern how OR/MS employs different modelling methods for different modelling tasks, under different constraints, and for different forms of uncertainty. Two of these “meta-models” concern how OR/MS modelling has been employed in decision support for the Swedish Defence Research Agency: one of them from a more academic or theoretical perspective, the other more from the perspective of the practitioner. The third model concentrates on how different modelling techniques are constrained by varying stakeholder positions. The final model is introspective and classifies a variety of modelling methods on the basis of a number of formal modelling properties. All of these meta-models were developed using the non-quantified modelling method General Morphological Analysis (GMA).


Tom Ritchey


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